Tire Storage

If you’re like many of us, you struggle to find a place for all the things in your life and that can include your off-season set of tires. We can help! Access Automotive is now offering seasonal tire storage.

The process is simple: your tires are carefully measured for tread-depth and then tagged and stored for the season.
We make sure every tire is:

• Stored in a clean, cool, dark space.
• Placed away from heat or direct sunlight.
• Put on a surface that is free of grease, gasoline, or debris.

Exposing tires to moisture, direct heat, sunlight, or corrosive fluid over lengths of time causes tires to deteriorate. We take special care to make sure your summer tires or winter tires are secure in our off-season tire storage facility.

We ensure each set of tires is handled with the utmost care. Trust us to keep your tires in top condition for next season!

Tire change + storage through until your next seasonal changeover is only $109 including tax.