How To Check Your Vehicle’s Oil Level the Right Way

My heart sinks anytime I check the oil in a client vehicle and the engine oil dipstick is bone dry. Checking your oil is easy to do and it can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Here’s how I do it.


Rob Music showing off his oil checking abilities

2 thoughts on “How To Check Your Vehicle’s Oil Level the Right Way”

  1. Well Done Robbie! Nice to see you on my computer. Very helpful teaching. Do you just let me know when I should come in for an oil check?

    Have a great day. Paddy

  2. Hi Rob, Good video because it is specific to waiting 5 minutes and park on a level surface. I hope you do more short videos like this. Like how to properly hook up an emergency battery to jump start start your car or checking tire pressure. Maybe a customer would do a video checking something on their vehicle while you were there. Use more photos from your clean shop. Marion W.; 2005 Dodge Ram 4×4


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