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Mission Statement

To reduce stress, costly breakdowns, and save our customers money we will:

  • Perform an inspection on every vehicle every time.
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problems.
  • Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without customer authorization.
  • Never present an invoice that was larger than the most current estimate.
  • Book your next appointment tailored to your schedule.
  • Provide new warranty inspections and online search for all manufacturer recalls.
  • Advise customer of all manufacturer’s recommended services.
  • Source and provide high quality parts considering price and availability.
  • Provide and maintain responsible environmental practices.
  • Provide a competitive 2 year / 40,000km warranty.

Edmonton Car Repair Done Right

When you’re in your vehicle, you should be safe. We take this very seriously. This begins with proper diagnosis. Diagnosing what is wrong with a vehicle isn’t something that can be done quickly. We’re going to need information on the history of your vehicle. The more you can tell us, the better!  The sooner you get your vehicle in for a diagnosis, the more likely it is that it won’t need serious repairs, avoiding a large repair bill.

Perhaps the most important thing we want you to know is that quality takes time. We know it’s not easy being without your vehicle, but if you want a thorough diagnosis and a complete repair, time is what we’ll need to make that happen. We believe in doing the repair the right way, which means taking the necessary time to give your vehicle what it needs to get back on the road, operating safely and smoothly!

For us, quality isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

Engine Repair

Engine Repairs

When a warning light turns on, or at any indication of an issue, come to Access Automotive Repair. We will run a complete engine diagnostic test, and take care of your engine repair.


Brake Systems Repair

Regular checks of brake systems is crucial for vehicle reliability. Access Automotive Repair will always make sure you are safe on the road!


Oil Changes

The life-blood of the engine! Engine oil should be replaced every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. Visit Access Automotive Repair for all vehicle maintenance needs!

Ride Control Maintenance

Ride Control Maintenance

It’s important to have your vehicles steering and suspension examined at least once a year. This helps avoid any safety risks.

AC Repair and Maintenance

A/C Maintenance & Repair

Heating and air conditioning should be checked seasonally. Drive with a comfortable car year-round by coming to Access Automotive Repair!

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Always – and I repeat always have a vehicle inspected before you purchase it. Doesn’t matter who’s selling the vehicle; neighbour or friend, always have it inspected!

Tire and Wheel Service

Tire & Wheel Services

Proper tire rotation & wheel alignment helps maintain even wear on your tires. These services will extend their life, and improve the overall safety of your vehicle.

More automotive services

More Services Include…

Drivetrain repair, factory scheduled maintenance, starting systems repairs, electrical system repair, insurance inspections & many more!


Our clients are our family

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