What types of inspections do we do at Access Automotive

Thousands of inspections are conducted annually at Access Automotive. We all know what an inspection is (some of us know this better than others). But...do you know what’s involved in the each of the three different inspection levels? Find out!

Vehicle inspections verify if a vehicle is safe to drive. They also determine the overall value and condition of a used vehicle when you’re buying, selling, or purchasing insurance. What’s discovered during an inspection can save you from expensive and potentially unsafe problems later.

Types of Vehicle Inspections

When having your vehicle inspected, a technician will check it thoroughly, take it for a test drive, and report any defects, potential problems, and the overall condition of the vehicle. Below are the most common vehicle inspections in Alberta.

Insurance Inspection

Most insurance companies require a safety inspection on vehicles 12 years old or older to assess any risks with your vehicle being on the road before the vehicle can be insured. This basic inspection just covers the Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Exhaust, Wiper Blades, Seat Belts, General Body, Windshield, and lights. This inspection generally takes less than 1 hour.



Safety / Maintenance Inspection

This level of inspection covers the basic insurance inspection plus inspection of the vehicles’ fluids, engine drive-belt system, all Filters, Charging System, Catch-up maintenance, Drivetrain, and short road test. This inspection generally takes 1.5 hours.


Comprehensive / Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection covers the above inspections and added everything else the above inspections do not cover. The additional components are Heating-Ventilation system, Engine Management system, recording of any fault Codes, Air Conditioning system, Frame- Body condition, vehicle’s collision avoidance system, cosmetic, all interior electrical systems, Recalls, and much more with no-tear down involved except removing of the wheels. Longer road test. This inspection generally takes 2 hours.